Monday, July 2, 2012

Non-GMO Labeling Evangelist Team

Hey all! I hope your Monday was bearable. I had a good day with a good amount of homework accomplished. That is my main priority in life these days! I also got 25 minutes of abs on the stability ball in. Yay me!

I want to talk about food. I really like food. But I don't really like what is in our food. Or rather what has been engineered into our food. I read a lot of books about our food system (including the book I reviewed a couple weeks ago in my Friday Five post: Stuffed and Starved) and watch a lot of documentaries about food, and read newspapers articles about our food system and on and on.

When I saw a message on Twitter today about joining a group of bloggers to help support and promote the GMO Labeling law in California by teaming up and using our online presence to spread the word I decided I had to join in. No, I don't live in California, but some of my readers do. And I'm sure many of my readers know people who live in California, and maybe they will want to forward some of this information to them. And, perhaps even more importantly, this is eventually going to be a national and not just a state issue. The more information that can be shared with people across the world, the more we can each make individual choices to impact change. That is what this video is all about.

This is 11 year old Birke Baehr giving a talk at a TedTalks Next Generation event. Birke knows more about the food system than most adults. Please take 5 short minutes to a) be amazed at this 11 year old (homeschooled no less!) and his public speaking ability and b) to seriously consider his message.

I will be posting additional videos and information about the labeling law over the next several weeks and months. You can follow along on Twitter with the hash tag #CARighttoKnow and #LabelGMOs . There is also a Facebook page located at ,

Here are some previous posts I have made about the food system and eating locally.

Do you eat local? Do you know what GMO means? Do you know why you should?

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