Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Hiatus!

Hello All!

Happy in-between week!

I took a bit of a holiday hiatus from posting, mostly because of this:

This is Roxie. Roxie came to live with us Christmas Eve eve. But first we had to go on a several hour car ride, spend the night at grandmas and then drive 6+ hours back home. As you can see by the car pictures, she was (ahem) very stressed. HA!

She is the sweetest little kitty. SO friendly, laid back and playful.

She has the tiniest squeak of a meow and does not like to be by herself! She follows me all over the house and if I leave the room she cries. It is so cute!

She is a few months old and has settled right in to life here at casa Beebe. We have a routine:

Up at 6 am. It is time to play! EPIC energetic play session with lots of running, jumping and chasing followed by snacks and our early morning nap. Play lasts for 30-45 minutes.

Morning nap lasts until mid-morning. More snacks and then some investigating of the house, followed by playtime, some pets and purring, and then our long afternoon nap. Our afternoon nap can be several hours long.

Evening time is time for more EPIC energetic jumping, running and chasing playtime! We like the laser, the shiny/jingly toy, fuzzy feathers and to chase the balls. We also like cardboard, wrapping paper and rope with knots tied in it.

Roxie is excellent at using the potty box, listening when she is told no, eating her crunchies, drinking her water, scratching on her appropriate scratching items and has paid no attention to the Christmas tree whatsoever.

Roxie goes to bed with us at night and sleeps on the bed, but she doesn't want to be right on us. I think she gets hot. She wants some snuggles and pets around 3 or 4 in the morning, but then settles back down until about 6 when it is time to get up and PLAY!

Chris and I have left her home alone for a few hours and she just curls up and goes to sleep, so even though she doesn't like to be left alone, so far she hasn't shown any tendencies toward anxiety or being destructive while we are gone.

Roxie has filled a big hole in our hearts and home. She is just a darling little love kitty and likes to take turns sitting with me and with Chris.

We are super happy to have a new little kitty to love, especially one that is so sweet and well behaved.


Jenn said...

Oh Corrie, she is the cutest! I really hope she likes her belly rubbed cause she certainly likes to show it off!

Corrie Beebe said...

Thanks Jenn! She is pretty darn adorable. Especially the little tiny squeak meow. She does show off her little soft belly, and she will let you touch her (anywhere actually) but she prefers if you keep your fingers up closer to her chest than her little belly. She also doesn't really like to have her head touched, but you can rub under her chin. Silly kitty!!