Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well it is that time of year for gardeners! The time where we get overwhelmed with the amount of harvest!

In a good way.

We went away for the weekend, were gone for four days, and we came back to garden gone wild!

I guess a few tomatoes ripened while we were gone:

Some peppers, too:

And carrots:

A little miscellaneous:

We dug up some potatoes, too:

OH and my sunflowers are finally starting to flower!

This one is tall:

I picked some more basil, too, although I still have four more plants to do!

It is also time to start pulling the things that are done, so I yanked out the monster zucchini plant yesterday and the pickles that hardly pickled.

I am also getting ready to stick some garlic, rutabega, parsnip, lettuce and maybe some onion in the dirt to see if we can get a bit of fall garden, too.

Last year our fall garden didn't do so well, but I think I have a better soil mixture this year and that should help.

We still have a ton of potatoes, peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes and basil out there, so we aren't quite done yet!

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