Friday, September 9, 2011

Haircut Part Deux

As promised, pictures of my new 'do:

Removed blonde highlights, replaced with copper mahogany, and cut. Not back to "long" yet, but at least we are working on it!

I got my toes and nails done, too:

4.5 hours in the salon is a long time, but I only do a marathon session like that once or twice a it is worth it.

Gel toes, pedicure, OPI "shellac" gel polish (we'll see how this goes, last time wasn't so great) and a hair color and cut.

I went to a new salon in Medford called Escape Tanning and Salon. I was quite happy with it! It is in a good location for me, very professional setting, it had all the things I was looking for, too.

They have tanning beds, spray tans, stand up beds and all that (probably none of which I will ever use). They have hairstylists, nail stations and the massagey pedicure chair that I feel is necessary for a proper pedicure experience. They also have massage and facial services available!

I am going to check out the massage. I have yet to find a regular massage place here in Medford, and I really miss my Jane Elaine at Lavendar Stone Massage in Beaverton, Oregon. Seriously my friends, if you live in Portland Metro/Westside...go see Jane Elaine. Her energy is awesome; she is funny and an excellent masseuse!

I digress.

Escape Tanning and Salon offered me all of the things I am looking for in a salon, including reasonable prices and the ability to get in on short notice. (I hate making appointments for weeks out!) I will be going back for future services!

I have some recipes and food stories for you coming soon, too!

Happy Friday!

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