Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Review 10.13.13

Happy Sunday Evening Friends!

I would be watching the game (Redskins v. Cowboys) but 1) I hate the Cowboys and 2) the Cowboys are winning. Blech.

In other news, it was a spectacular day for my football teams today!

Packers, Steelers (finally), Eagles AND Seahawks all win today! YAY!!

Now if the Cowboys would do me a favor and lose....

In other weekend news, Friday night I went for a hill walk with my friend. 3.55 miles. Then Chris and I had pizza for dinner.

Saturday was an errand and house chores/projects kind of day. Lots of the stuff of life: laundry, dishes, organizing, cleaning.

I also went to JCPenney and bought some legging slacks and a gorgeous sweater.

Pic from the JCP site. This picture doesn't really do it justice though. First of all, on a petite gal like myself, it hits mid-thigh and because I'm fluffier than a 100 lb model, I bought a bigger sweater so it is less fitted. It will look super cute with the legging slacks and boots.

Saturday was also the day for taking stuff out of the freezer to defrost for Sunday cooking. I pulled a whole chicken and some beef short ribs out for today. We also needed to use some tomatoes up, so we threw a bunch of tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic (all from our garden!) into a crockpot to slow cook into a yummy sauce.

It rained quite a bit on Saturday, so there was also a lot of kitty snuggle times.

We also hit up Trader Joe's for some simmer sauce, and a few other essentials. Then we had sushi. YUM! I also managed to get about 40 minutes of exercise in with a couple of workout videos and some extra weights, planks, etc. 

I said several months ago that I would share more about the story of Chris and his new toy, the go-kart. I have yet to do so. In the end of June Chris decided to buy a go-kart, or rather, a shifter kart. We drove to Portland and picked it up one weekend. 

We have a go-kart track about 10 minutes from the house, and there is a go-kart club and there are races! Chris' cart is a 125 cc shifter kart, so it is one of the faster karts. The first race we attempted to go to was rained out. 

The second race was pretty awesome. 

Chris took 1st place in his rookie event! Way to go Chris!

The next race was rained out. 

Today is the "last" race of the season; last is in quotes because in two weeks they are going to try and "make-up" one of the rained out races...if it doesn't rain. 

He ended up taking 2nd in today's race, but the race was tight, bumper to bumper to the finish. He had a great time. 

Before I headed out to the track I took care of a bunch of stuff around the house. I started the crock pot going with the short ribs I defrosted Saturday, blended up the tomato medley I cooked in the slow cooker yesterday and put that in the freezer, packaged up some chicken broth I made earlier in the week and put that in the freezer, got the laundry going, cleaned the kitchen, and before all that I went and got groceries for the week. Whew!

Then I went to the squash patch and picked our squashes. 

The bugs, slugs and ants were starting to attack some of them so I picked most of what was out there. Anything not quite ripe will ripen up in the house. Is that not the cutest little pumpkin???

Then I headed out to the track for most of the day. We got really lucky in that the weather was really gorgeous today, a perfect fall day. 

I had to keep up with football scores on my phone, though. 

When we got home I went out and picked all the last of the grape tomatoes (and a few tomatillos).

I am insanely curious how many pints are in that big bowl. Those will all ripen off the vine and I will be eating grape tomatoes for a while yet.  (He cannot take a normal picture to save his life.)

Tonight's meal was Curried Beef Short Ribs, which is normally very tasty. I cooked up the stuff in the crockpot, made some basmati rice and sauteed some baby bok choy. 

Shredded short ribs (above), sauteed bok choy (below).

It all looks good, and for the most part it is very tasty, lots of good flavors, but the beef ribs were pretty fatty and I felt kinda gross after I ate them. 

Two things for next time: double the recipe (it doesn't make as much as one would think) and look for leaner cuts of short rib. 

While we were doing dinner and watching the game we started up the charcoal barbeque and cooked the whole chicken I defrosted. Now I have a bunch of chicken to eat this week for lunches and easy to put together dinners (like enchiladas with homemade verde sauce!)

I gave up on the Sunday Night Football game, and worked on this blog post, and then we sat in the hot tub for a while. Now it is past my bedtime!

Have a great week everyone!

Check out Chris' race video on YouTube! Please forgive any ridiculous videography. I am a terrible photo/videographer AND the sun makes it very hard to see where they are at on the track through the phone camera. 

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