Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mid-Week Food Prep

Sunday isn't the only day of the week you can do food prep. It is just the most popular, and that is understandable.

Many people consider Sunday the "gearing up for the week" day of the weekend; I know I do! So Sunday is often the day that we cook a roast, or a whole chicken, or make a big pot-o-something to eat on for the week (chili and big crock-pot meals come to mind!). 

But, Sunday isn't the only day you can do it!

Take tonight for example. 

It's a Tuesday evening and not much is happening at Casa Beebe. There is no Monday or Thursday night football to watch, no pressing house chores to do, no homework (yay!).

I was making fish for dinner on the grill.

I decided that since I already had the grill going I should go ahead and cook up some turkey sausage to have for easy protein additions to my  lunch for the week. I didn't make a whole chicken or a roast this past weekend, so I don't have an easy protein source for grab and go in the morning this week. 

While that was going on I was thinking about what should be on the menu for tomorrow night. I decided some of our home-grown spaghetti squash could be used up, and since I was already in the kitchen waiting for dinner to cook, I might as well throw that in the oven.

I pulled some homemade tomato sauce out of the freezer and stuck it in the fridge to defrost overnight. I also pulled out some ground chicken breast to defrost. 

Tomorrow night, all I will have to do is brown up and season the ground chicken, toss the defrosted tomato sauce on top, heat it through and then put it on top of the pre-cooked spaghetti squash. EASY! 

I love easy. Especially on a .... HUMP day! (I love that commercial!)

Dinner tonight was rock fish that we caught ourselves, alongside some steamed broccoli and some home grown butternut squash that I roasted on Sunday. 

If you are in the kitchen making dinner or prepping food, pause for a moment and consider what else you could easily do in that moment that will make life a little easier. 

Do you do mid-week food prep? Do you add extra this or that to the grill? Why or why not?

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