Friday, March 1, 2013

The Friday Five 3.1.13

1. What I'm Reading

I stumbled across this e-book series when Amazon had them on sale for something like $.99. I had never heard of them or the author, but they looked easy and fun. Turns out, they are easy and fun! The Modern Witch series is a fun mix of modern day witches, technology, love and laughter. The stories all focus on a different character, but the supporting characters return throughout each book with varying degrees of focus or role. There are three more books in the series, with more coming. I have read all of them except the most recent which is actually a "prequel" story about how two of the main characters met and fell in love. 

2. What I'm Watching

YES! I *finally* finished watching all 8(!!) of the Harry Potter movies last weekend! My girlfriends from school, Allison, Megan and Raisa, all came over a few different times over the last couple of months and we would have Harry Potter mini-movie marathons. I have not read the books so they had to keep telling me what was going on, but overall I really enjoyed the films! I thought the first couple were really predictable, but as the story went on J.K. Rowling got much better about red herrings and hidden plot lines. I enjoyed that much better. I think the casting, overall, was superbly done, and really just thought the movies were quite good. I would definitely watch them again, although they are SO long that unlike other series it wouldn't really be possible for me to watch them all through in a weekend or something. And yes, I will eventually read the books. 

3. What I'm Listening To

Loving Dev in general and especially Fireball. 

4. What I'm Eating

I've actually done a pretty darn good job of following the February Meal Plan. It hasn't been perfect, of course, but we have eaten at home for most meals and even if I haven't made exactly what was on the menu for that night I used the menu for inspiration. This week we had Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a mustard glaze served with coleslaw with a mustard dressing, roasted spaghetti squash with a tomato-sausage sauce served with green salad, a homemade zuppa toscana, some leftovers one night, and tonight the menu plan is for a pesto-mozzarella-artichoke-olive-feta pizza. 

5. Wine I'm Loving

I came across this wine at Safeway a few weeks ago. It is a very nice drinking red. It is mellow and smooth. It doesn't have the sharp, dry or spicy of some reds, but I am enjoying it. 

What's your five this week? Read any good books lately? Found a new song or bottle of vino lately? 


Shorey said...

I'm on the Game of Thrones series. I started reading them before realizing there is a DVD series out there. I have not watched it. The books are very good and long.

Corrie Beebe said...

I have heard of them but really don't know anything about them. What are they about?