Friday, March 8, 2013

Picture Friday

Sometimes I go through my pictures and realize I have taken several and forgotten to post or comment about them. So I decided I'm going to post a few pictures I've taken recently that haven't seen the light of the internet. Because we all know that if it doesn't show up on the internet then it isn't real!!


Cat Fight!

 Outside time.

 Birthday dessert: cheesecake!

 Grouchy face.

 White Russian with Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped.

 A beautiful sunset.

 Big kittens snuggling.

 Valentine's Dinner: filet mignon, prawns, baked potato and broccoli.

 Flowers from my grandma for Valentine's and Daisy being bad.

Snuggles with Roscoe.

Have a great Friday night everyone! 

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