Sunday, January 6, 2013

Workout Schedule 1.6.13

It may have been a teensy bit ambitious to swim for a full 30 minutes my first time out in...oh...forever. My chest is sore today!

I really have no idea about how to swim "properly" as far as for exercise and fitness. I know nothing about distances or what is a good speed for a beginner. I didn't pay much attention yesterday to how far I went, I just had a goal to swim for 30 minutes.

I think I swam 25 yards in about 30 seconds, which is not fast at all. But I did it roughly 60 times, which would equal approximately 1500 yards. After doing some research today I have come to find out 1500 yards is a pretty significant distance to swim. Oops! Who knew?

I guess there are two things for me to take away from this: one, I have more endurance than I realize and two, sometimes being in the dark is a good thing.

Next time I hit the pool I will be paying more attention to distance rather than overall time, and I found some swim "workouts" that I may incorporate as time goes on.

After I got home from the gym yesterday I did something I have NEVER done before.

I took the time to actually put on my calendar the dates and times of the group exercise classes (yoga/pilates) that I would be interested in taking at the gym. Now I have this on my phone, tablet and laptop, so no excuses about not knowing when they are!

I also took some time today to write out a tentative training plan, something else I have NEVER done before. 

This is now hanging on my wall, I have recorded my weight for the start of the year on it and I will make notes each time I workout as to what the workout actually entailed and put a colorful sticker on each day my workout gets completed for a little extra motivation. 

Now, I don't expect to follow this to a T, especially since I didn't actually go for a run today, but it gives me a guideline to follow. Kind of like my meal plan, if things get moved around a bit, I am cool with it, but it is one less thing to have to THINK about. 

All in all I'm feeling pretty good about my healthy plan for the next week. I have meals planned, I joined a gym, and I have a workout schedule to guide me. 

Do you plan your workouts or can you wing it and still get them done? 


Anonymous said...

I loosely planned my workouts before, but with my schedule filling up more this year I actually need to plan which days and times I'll be going. :) SO not a planner, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me... :)

Mar said...

Anonymous would be Mar, hit the wrong key lol

Corrie Beebe said...

Ha! Hi Mar... I have never planned my workouts like this before, either. We'll see how it goes! Maybe taking the thinking out of it will help.