Saturday, May 19, 2012

Outstanding Woman Student

Today Chris and I got dressed up. This never happens on the weekends. For one thing Chris isn't comfortable getting dressed up. He says he feels like he is in a cage because he can't "do" anything (read: get dirty). For another weekends are usually reserved for fun stuff like digging in the dirt and going on the boat. But today we had a very special brunch to attend.

The Ashland Branch of the American Association of University Women held their annual awards brunch this morning. The brunch honors award recipients from within the various departments at SOU, and also scholarship award recipients from both SOU and RCC.

Why did we get dressed up and attend this brunch you ask? Well...

I was nominated by my communication department professors as the Outstanding Woman Student in the Department of Communications at Southern Oregon University for 2012. The American Association of University Women awarded the certificate of achievement to me, and the other department recipients, this morning at the brunch.

Chris and I at the brunch.

(Partial) Group photo of the winners to be published in the newsletter.

Being introduced.

Giving my acceptance speech.

Accepting the award.


Roxie is proud of me, too. :-)
I am quite honored (and was very surprised) to be nominated and awarded this certificate. It feels really wonderful to be recognized for all the hard work and effort I put in to my education, being a good student, and a good participant in the communication department.

It feels really good.

And now we are home and Chris is back to shorts and a t-shirt, so he is happy, too.

Happy Saturday!


Marlene said...

Oh, congratulations! That is awesome. :)

Corrie Beebe said...
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Corrie Beebe said...

Thanks Mar! I was pretty pleased. :-)

Marcela said...

Congrats looked beautiful!!

Corrie Beebe said...

Thanks Marcela!

Ariana Wood said...

Great read thaanks