Friday, April 27, 2012

The Friday Five #9

WHERE does the time GO? I have lots of things to update you on but I'm just going to start with the Friday Five!

1. What I'm Reading:

I started reading this, the 6th book in the Outlander series (which if you haven't read I HIGHLY recommend) years ago. Several years ago. Somehow or way I got stuck in the middle and just put it aside. A month or so ago I decided that before I read any NEW books I need to finish all of the half or partially read books I have sitting around. I think I had six or seven total. Well, I have worked my way through most of them and this was the 3rd to last one. It is just shy of 1000 pages. I started reading right around in the middle. I realized that I had already read some of what I was reading, but it was a good refresher anyway. I spent most of last weekend outside in the sun finishing this bad boy up. I will say it was not as good as the prior books; it tends to get a bit repetitive, but finally at the end some of our lingering questions are answered! There are now several more books in the series, which I will read at some point, but for now I am moving on to finishing the last two partially read books on my list.

2. What I'm Listening To:

The sounds of silence...

I don't have anything new I'm digging at the moment. Still rocking to my GNR on my daily drive and I was thinking about warming up some of the other big hair bands of the 80's. Ha!

3. What I'm Watching:

This documentary is a must watch. This is your government in action. It doesn't matter that in this particular action the people are Native American. What matters is that this could happen to you, or to me. This is a human issue, not a native issue.

4. What I'm Eating:

Take 1 cup frozen blueberries. Add to bowl. Place in microwave. Heat for about a minute. Eat. Savor. Enjoy.

5. What I'm Loving:

The SUN has made a reappearance lately...bringing with it heat! This past weekend was gorgeous and hot. Sun, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, tank top, bare feet and a book. What could be better than that?


Christy said...


How do you find time to read and still get all your college work done? I'm jealous!
And impressed!

Corrie Beebe said...

Well, I am a very fast reader for one thing, which helps! Another thing is that this term three of my four classes have pretty limited homework until the end of the term when I have big projects due in all of them. Also Friday's I have no class so I literally spend 8-10 hours straight working on homework so that I have free time on my weekends. It's all about balance, right?? :-)